by Adelyn Rose

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(free) 04:38


released March 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Adelyn Rose Brooklyn, New York

sometimes band

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Track Name: Ella's Wild Things
Restless minds and fearless love
Our pulsing blood beneath the tangled fur
Running fast, rumble through the trees
Like a distant thunder
A monsters purr

The howling wind comes out to your call
From the vagrant hearts of the vagabonds
The compass spins like the falling leaves
Yellow on the ground as the anthem begins

Rusting trees stagger on the hills
And the clouds above are great fists in form
They rise and swell like the sleeping sea
You raise your arm as to call the storm

Burrow as a child beneath your blanket
Sleep is drifting in with the wind
And when the stars feel you sleeping
They call your name
The nights refrain
Track Name: Tails
Driftwood fires
Lit in the sand at dawn
Scratchy wool songs
Catch and throw my cares away
Over the ripples
Into the waves

And the wind carries a gentle dream
Up from the stream
Lock out the slip and fall
Lights in the distance
In front of us all

As the wheels spin toward the northern shore
Spin one time more
Red eyes, hot streams
Tails in the traffic
Blood on the street
Track Name: Fields
I ride on the whims
Of the evening wind
And move like a hopeful prayer
Through the tall grass
That steals my breath from me
But will not shoot my heart
With a sculpted point of view

I still haven't learned
How to convey a feeling
But the grasses weave a cradle
For my lonely gold locket
And my wounded hope
Is held tenderly
In the arms
The arms of the fields

My trembling hands
Steady as I wander
Neath silhouettes of trees
And as I tread, a wind sweeps in
A graceful calm
And my heart belongs to the fields
Track Name: Chords
There is a window I can't see inside of
Except the flickering of a candle on the sill
And yes I will
Angels and science
As I fill in the silence in between

With chords of blue
Chords of green

There is a drumming through all this stillness
In a memory that could hold me like a cage
And yes I will
Because what good is a stranger?
Though through the window
You are danger in a frame

Eyes of blue
Chords of green
Track Name: Winter Comes
I wake up to the first snow on the ground
Outside, the silence will resound
A meditative hum
Thoughts of you go numb
Cause just like one year ago
Winter comes

Fresh flakes fill my tracks
I wont be found
Neath heavy branches bending toward the ground
I do not hesitate
In adding up old sums
Cause just like one year ago
Winter comes
Track Name: Never Get Tired
mezzanine, we can see it all
is it what we're looking for?
once again, walk the frozen streets
drive for miles in the dark

could it be all we desired, here in our hands?
we would never get tired
If we could start ourselves a fire, here in our hands
we will never get tired

in our minds from our very own fingertips
comes everything
easily, we're already there
comfortable, like a dream

could it be all we desired, here in our hands?
we would never get tired
if we could start ourselves a fire, here in our hands
we will never get tired

company gets me uneasy
try to do it on my own
Track Name: Collisions
Give me a trace of time and space
So I can feel you
Are you at last
Just looking at glass
Thought I was brand new

Are you the new echo
Of ghosts who are singing down low
Collisions between our souls
Its all

Look in my eyes as they align
Cast in the mirror
Hair straight and brown
Mouth in a frown
I've learned to fear her

After all, where will I go?
Out with ghosts dancing slow
Collisions between our souls
Its all

Light flickers black with thunderous claps
The end of all seasons
It all comes around
My place on the ground
Such perilous reason

Winter will come and blow
Ghosts in through my window
Collisions between our souls
Its all
Track Name: Bad Dreams
Drifting in and out
While you're halfway sleeping
Still next to me
Is it real?
What you're thinking
The water that runs
Voices that speak
Everything that can hurt you
Comes to life now
Inside your head
But I will take these intrusions
And return them
To the dark

Let light in
Track Name: You.
In the north where the trees tower over the water
I rock in my little canoe
Listen to the loons singing their loves songs

I'm singing this love song to you

Start a soft fire and watch the smoke rise to the heavens
Curl its way around the stars
A wolf cries to the moon and it haunts me
I'm howling

I'm howling a love song to you

When the dawn breaks a fog settles over the water
A blanket for the resting lake
And I'll whisper these words in the dew covered grasses
I'll whisper a love song to you